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What you are going to get on this blog is my journey through setting up the blog and the team. As of this writing, I just joined GDI (again), last night. Today I setup the blog (wordpress). I have done all of this before as I have previously been in GDI with some Team Builds before.

For various reasons, I stopped those team builds that I was doing. However, since I have done this multiple times, I already know the basics. I also know some of the things I had done wrong in the past. One of which was making things way too confusing.

I just tested my site in my Facebook group and got a Google Warning error that the site was not safe to go to because it was a phishing website. Of course, this was not true. I just put the site up today and have nothing nefarious on it. I went to the plugin section on wordpress and searched for a Google plugin. I found a Google Analytics plugin so I installed that. That seemed to have solved the error.

I don’t know what you do for entertainment. One thing I do is watch the B-Zone on my Roku device. Right now they are showing a New York Dolls concert from 1973!

If you are lost the posts here are in order. Basically the main stuff is in the Mondo 1 post. If you need any help join the Facebook group: Mondo Cosmic Facebook

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