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If you came late to the party, take a minute and go back to Mondo 1. This is the core and main reason for the Blog in front of you right now. As needed, I will be adding things. These are mostly designed to help you after you have Mondo 1 in place. Of course, if you are doing your own thing and are just perusing for some ideas, you are welcome to do it.

This world of internet marketing, specifically the realm of this that you find yourself in with me, appears to be almost infinite in nature. Sure, it is not fully infinite, yet will you reach the end or see the final site, no.

Grab a coffee, this may be a longer one.

I just finished a salted caramel cappuccino.

As I sit here listening to the brand new Rolling Stones album under headphones on YouTube Music. Yes I said album. You see, I am from the old school where we listened to full albums when they came out. There is something special about this that younger people will not understand. My coffee cup says “play Dylan Chill out”. The cup was supposed to be a gift for my father the year he passed away, so now I have it. He was a huge fan of Bob Dylan and also knew how to appreciate listening to a full album.

The new big thing is out. I joined just to see what all the excitement was. Did I put any money in? No.

Do I think it is a scam? Maybe. Right away I see there are problems and delays. Hopefully, those that put money in will make some. There is another offer I have been seeing saturated too lately. I have accidentally signed up for it a couple times. Then I get in and see, oh yeah, I have seen this one. I watched the video multiple times wondering “is it true?”. So I go look up reviews on this one today and find out there are multiple bad reviews and 1 star ratings. Another Scam I guess. So Many.

I’m marketing GDI. I have been in this business multiple times with multiple teams. Each team promising more than they ever deliver. So don’t count on rotators, team promises or anything because much of it is BS. Here is my GDI Link: Global Domains International

Why have I gone back to GDI?

This is a legitimate company with a proven track record. Every time I have done a team build and recruited people, I got paid. You know you are in something real when you have to submit your tax documents before you even get paid. I have been able to get referrals in this program every time that I did it. Some people do drop off though, so you have to be ready for that and not worry about it. Just keep building it. The price is so crazy low that you will be breaking even in a short time if you put your energy into marketing it. Then after that you will be in profit. Contact your downline and help them with any questions they have. If you are part of a team, make sure to get them the team information so they can participate if they wish.

I am very familiar with the product and the system because I have done it many times.

Usually what happened was I ended up getting involved in way too many things at once. I would get overloaded and at some point, I would do a dump. During the dump sometimes I would cancel everything I was doing.

Now I am more careful about all that and selective at what I get involved in regarding programs with monthly payments. One time buys are different. A lot of time I buy these just out of curiosity. Many are crap, but I do check them out and sometimes get some ideas or some useful information. Other times they are just a waste of money. I went back to GDI because I know what it is. I know that it works.

One thing that I got recently is the Shiny Ball Syndrome. This is a system by Paul Darby and created by ai.

The Shiny Ball is a very simple program that anyone can promote and get in for a very cheap price. So sometimes I buy things like that just to see what they are. If it something cool then I promote it. This one I am promoting a little bit. Mostly promoting it on this blog. Let’s talk about the blog. I love the theme that I found for this one. This is a simple design for one of the GDI teams that I am part of, Ellies Team. The idea is this. You use a Lead Capture Page that she provided. I modified mine slightly. When your lead gets the first email you simply direct them to your blog (that you create on your GDI site).

Specifically, you are directing them to the Blog post like the one I have in Mondo 1. This post has value since it has a traffic system anyone can use at no cost. If the person would like to replicate the system there is a share code for the lead capture page. Then they are also directed to GDI if they need a website.

GDI has training. If a person joins GDI that has never been in it before, there is a training lesson that can be followed. I think they even pay you for completing the training which is very cool. You can only get that training paid once though, which is fair. It is very easy to get your WordPress site set up and an email address too if you need one. You pay the hosting and the domain together for one low monthly fee and you can also sell this product to others as an affiliate, but you don’t have to. Some people may just want the website and hosting but not want to market it.

I guess I will wrap up by saying, if you are looking for a legit product to sell. This is one at a fair price from a company that has been in business for a long time. If someone wants to know what business you do. You tell them you sell domains and website hosting. They have professional sales pages like you see if you click my link above.

Some of the programs you encounter in this crazy niche can be hard to describe to others. Ask yourself, what are you promoting right now. Can it easily be explained to someone if they ask? Or will you be fumbling around attempting to put in to words what you are doing. Or do would you rather give a simple answer like ” I sell domains and website hosting”.

If you can’t easily describe your business, do you really have one?

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