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Currently, I am doing a video series about traffic exchanges. It is just some basic videos showing what they are and the parts of them. Tonight I will visit the site called Clear Traffic 4 U and do some surfing. I have already gone in and assigned some credits to my sites, banners, and text ad.

There is a natural synthesis occurring. Some of which is based on a warning that I received from Youtube. You see, I recorded 3 videos last night about traffic exchanges and something that I put down triggered a warning. I was able to contest this and have won the challenge. This got me thinking that I should probably link to a blog rather than the direct affiliate link.

This is the reason now for this post. In a way, this is good though. Because, now I will be making videos along with updating my blog at the same time. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel and like the video if you don’t mind.

Yes I am an affiliate marketer and may earn credits or commissions if you join through any of my affiliate links.

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