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When you join me in GDI you are getting two powerful marketing systems, not to mention GDI marketing materials as well.

I’m part of what is called the Power Team in GDI. They have their own Rotator and some powerful marketing material including; banner ads, splash pages, etc. You get full access to all of this when you join me in this program. GDI is cool by itself, you are on my bog right now that I created in GDI. This was very simple. I just setup a WordPress blog in the back office and selected a template that I liked. Now all I do is login and make blog posts like this one. I number mine , this one is Mondo 11 just to keep some sort of continuity.

If you join through my link you will also be able to use Ellie’s Traffic Tornado system too!

So you will actually have 3 killer ways to promote your GDI business.

  1. GDI marketing materials
  2. Ellie’s Traffic Tornado
  3. Power Team

The Power Team operates on a simple principle of getting 5 people and then helping those people each get 5. You can see the power of this system in the chart on this page: Click here to see this chart

Yes I am an affiliate of GDI and will earn commissions if you join from my link and become a paid member of my downline.

You can stick with us long enough to get 5 referrals right?

Then we will help you do the same to get your team each 5 , then simply keep building from there.

Pro Tip: you don’t have to stop at 5 – you can go to Infinity

just depends how much effort you are willing to put in to it.

You will get your own domain name, website hosting, website and email plus you will be able to offer this product to others. Make sure if you do become an affiliate of GDI to fill out your paperwork as soon as you get in. On the left side look for “Documentation”. You will need to do this in order to get paid when you make sales.

See the power of 5 method here

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