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This is the team build that I am part of that is from Ellie Murphy

Here are some steps to join us if you are interested.

Earn money first. Make sure you are first earning daily before upgrading into the other programs. These are some of the programs we use to earn daily by clicking on ads.

Programs are listed below

Ads by UAP


Leads Leap


These sites are free to join and can be used to earn daily. Leads Leap is also used for many more things like: capture pages, autoresponders, placing ads, and more. They usually give you a discounted offer for an upgrade when you first join. If you can afford it , take the deal. If you cannot afford it or are not sure if you can, then I recommend you do not take the upgrade until you can afford it. You don’t want to run out of money.

The earnings can appear slow and low at first. Do not let this bother you.

What you want to do is advertise these programs after you join them so you can build downlines below you. This will then begin to increase your earnings. You may already have some advertising sites that you use. If you would like to see my TOP 10 page, find it here: Mike’s Top 10

What you will want to do daily is first, visit each site to get your free earnings for clicks each day. Then use the rest of your time to promote these links to expand your downlines in those programs. Use the resources in my Top 10 list if you need places to advertise.

Next after you complete all the above, if you are not yet part of our facebook group you can join this below. You are permitted in this facebook group to share your links to certain programs in the posts. Follow the group rules or you will be banned. Do not spam the group you will be banned.

This is the Facebook group to join One Team One Goal

You will receive additional training and ideas from Ellie and the other group members.

Yes I am an affiliate marketer and may earn commissions if any purchases are made from the links on this page

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