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First of all, I love GDI! It is so easy to create a website using WordPress whenever I need to.

You get one main site with your subscription but then you can have multiple sub-domains.

I have built 3 sites all together as of this writing. 1 main and 2 subdomains. Now I am going to link them all 3 together right now. Two of them already are linked up but now I am making this post so that I can link them via the blog as well.

Side note: I just moderated my blog comments. People were putting some kind of scripts into my blog comments. I ended up turning off comments.

The link I will put in this post is for my Mondo Cosmic Team Build Machine. There are 3 team builds that I am currently in. These are linked and explained on this page and it also has some ad resources listed as well. You will also see a link (and a banner) on the page that says “unlimited income”. This goes to the third site I made on GDI which is a training site.

The next thing I need to do after writing this post is to start making videos about these websites.

By anixas