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I’m part of a team build with Ellie Murphy. Not only does she teach us things like getting 100 paid referrals but there is much more. If you are interested in learning or taking your marketing to the next level then you most certainly need to be on Ellie’s Team.

You will get complete training on marketing and getting those referrals. You will learn many ways to earn and have fun in a group format as you are learning these things. This team has over 2000 members and is Worldwide! You can always find someone in the group ready to help if you are stuck. Ellie provides training in the Facebook group, via email series, and on her blog posts. You will learn everything you need to know , right here!! You have found the right place.

Once in you will learn about getting 100 paid referrals and much more. This team is very active and FUN!!

You must be willing to work. If you help us we help you.

Easy 3 steps to get started.

First you will need an account at Leads Leap if you don’t already have one.

Second you will need an account at Ellie’s site, Team Build Machine.

And third, after you have successfully joined the first 2 then you can ask to join the Facebook Group.

One Team One Goal

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