Hello traveler! Glad you made it to Mondo Cosmic!

This site is mainly for a GDI Team Blog. Important information will be provided here for getting set up correctly. Hopefully I will be able to teach you some things to make your GDI experience a fantastic one.

You will also find other things like links to my Social Media, Places to Advertise, and more…

…information but not communication:

You will find lot’s of information that I hope you can use and you can also leave comments on a post, which I will address. However, if you need help with something, you will have better luck contacting me via the facebook group. If you don’t use facebook, you can email me at but I would recommend the facebook group.

by joining me in GDI you are actually getting access to 2 Teams – information will be in a blog post

I am structuring the blog posts in order as I setup GDI and this blog for the new team build. Each post will be numbered for easy navigation: mondo1, mondo2, mondo3 etc.