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Get paid to click and view ads : Ad Rev Split

Get paid to click and view ads : Safe-List paid links

Get paid to click and view ads : Team Build Machine

Get paid to click and view ads : Ultimate Affiliate Program

The goal in these types of programs it to grow them with affiliates below you. Then also teach them to do the same thing. You can click daily and earn small amounts. As you promote these and grow them you will also earn from your affiliates too when they do the same. It is a very simple process.

Team Build

click here to see the full team build page: One Team One Goal

Leads Leap – all your affiliate tools in one place

Never be strangled by expensive list management system again : Leads Leap

Our team uses a simple strategy. We use Leads Leap for creating and sharing lead capture pages and list building. It is also used for advertising. The first thing is to make sure you are generating money first. This is why you would want to build your downlines in the above programs and make sure you also do the work and click the ads each day. Teach your downline to do the same.

We then team build some other great programs. These are paid programs so that is why they are not the first step. Try to build your income generating programs first and then work your way up to the other team builds.

Yes I am an affiliate of any links you find on this page/website and may earn credits or commissions if any purchases are made from my links.

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